Professor Dennis Rodriguez has been a student of martial arts for more than 38 years. His interest started when he was very young by reading books and watching films on martial arts. On several occasions he was asked to demonstrate his martial arts skills in front of his classmates and peers. 

Professor Rodriguez officially started his training in the early 1980’s. He became an instructor at the “blue belt” rank. When presented with his first-degree Black Belt, he realized that his dream, goal, and destiny was to be a martial arts instructor. As his training continued, so did his degrees. Professor Dennis Rodriguez presently holds the rank of 8th degree Black Belt, Master Instructor and Professor of Martial Arts, “Making him one of the highest ranking Martial Arts instructors in Lenawee County, Michigan”.        

In 1991 Master Rodriguez opened his first school in Adrian, MI. and named it the BLACK DRAGON’S DEN Martial Arts Academy. Currently the Black Dragon’s Den trains at 2011 W. Beecher Rd. and has a for credit and club program at Adrian College. 

We are an “Americanized” school, that is, we us the English language for all of our commands.  Our forms are derived from Tang Soo Do, Self-Defense is Hapkido and our kicking and punching techniques are Tae Kwon Do based. 

NOTE – The Black Dragon’s Den is not associated with any franchise or organization, and for this reason, student prices are kept affordable and personal attention high.

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